President’s Message – December 22, 2018

Dear Members and Friends of CFAR,

On behalf of the Board of Directors for the Circle for Aboriginal Relations Society, I would like to wish you and your loved ones the very best during this time of Seasonal Celebrations across Turtle Island.

We are pleased to welcome our newest Board Members
· Janel McLaren
· Jorge Aviles

Returning Board Members include:
· Andrea McLandress
· Andrew Loosley
· Corey Janvier
· Dan Toth
· Deion Blackman
· Jon Stringer
· Lorne Ternes
· Dr. Patricia Makokis
· Regan Smith
· Tammy McLaughlin; and
· Todd Pruden.

The new Executive Team includes Vice President Steve Saddleback and President Tweela Nepoose. Our Treasurer Tim Heins and Secretary Connie Landry continue in their roles.

I am honored to serve as the newly elected President for the coming year and look forward to continuing innovation and sharing of wise practices with our members and friends at CFAR’s networking events and our annual conference.

Additionally, we would like to thank our past President Todd Belot for his many years of service and commitment to CFAR Society (since 2011). Todd will continue with the Executive Team in an advisory role as Past President.

Upcoming Events
You will see some new locations in our plans this year, and we will begin those announcements in 2019. In the meantime, please mark May 28th and 29th for our annual networking Golf Tournament and Conference at the Ranch Golf & Country Club and River Cree Resort in your calendars. This year’s theme will focus on Conservation.

Indigenous Community Indigenous Engagement Citation/Certificate Program
The ICIR/ICE curriculum continues to evolve and we have two new modules this year. For more information about the ICIR Courses, resources for assistance with tuition and registration, visit this link or call the registrar (Carrie Sawatsky) at 780-492-3116 (toll-free 1-800-808-4784). The January course “EXARE 4651 Indigenous Laws, Lands and Current Industry Government Relations” is full.

Membership Renewal
Our membership year ends on March 31st. We are discontinuing our 20% reduction in membership rates effective April 1st. Current members will receive a renewal invoice by email. All membership renewals will be invoiced at regular rates; however, if payments are received in full by February 20th, 2019, we will honour the 20% membership discount that our members have enjoyed over the past three years. Please ensure that your networks are aware of the benefits of belonging to CFAR. Here is a video (very short) that will remind us what some of those benefits are!

Sponsorship Opportunities
The grassroots efforts of CFAR continue to be impactful within our circles of Indigenous Community Industry Liaison practitioners. We commit to remaining affordable and we rely on the support of our membership and sponsors to do so. Sponsorship opportunities can be found here.

Thank you for your continued interest in and contributions to the Circle for Aboriginal Relations Society. If you have any questions, please call (403) 271-2262 or email me at

Happy New Year to all of our members and friends!

Tweela Nepoose
President, Circle for Aboriginal Relations