President’s Message – September 30, 2020


Good afternoon CFAR Members and Friends.

I am so very honoured to be able to re-join CFAR as a member of the Board of Directors at this important juncture in our evolution as an organization. Joining my esteemed colleagues and following in the footsteps of so many who have done such good work still feels a bit surreal. Thank you very much for your support!

Remaining an organization that focuses on the needs of Indigenous Community members and organizations can be, to some more mainstream focused minds and perspectives, not very forward thinking. I offer that in my experience, being rooted in the history and law of the land is forward thinking. It is perhaps the most responsible and proactive way that one can actually claim to be forward thinking.

Ensuring that we continue to learn how to apply Indigenous ways of knowing and being to the way that we operate as an organization at CFAR is a key element of our plans for our future. With implementing the United Declarations on the Rights of Indigenous People in law being a focus of mainstream Society in Canada, this way of operating is more relevant than ever.

Know that you make a difference. Your membership in CFAR matters. Your support of this grassroots, community first focused organization matters. Your opinions; your hopes for our communities, organizations and people; your needs; your strengths and contributions; they all matter. Your hopes and dreams for our children and their futures matter.

Let’s see where we can take this thinking as we move forward together in this pandemic environment and (hopefully) through and beyond it.

When Elders are learning how to share prayers and to smudge online, we can certainly learn how to ensure that the Rights of Indigenous Peoples are implemented and entrenched in law, in our organizations, and in our thinking. I have learned that there is no separation.

Most of you know how to find me, but if you don’t, (it feels pretty great to say that) will work.

In Friendship,